breezy. (madeitsimple) wrote in aviatorshades,

32 // Arrested Development, Drake & Josh, GG, VM

08 Arrested Development
02 Arrested Development text
02 Gilmore Girls
04 Veronica Mars
07 Drake & Josh
11 Drake & Josh quotes
03 Drake Bell

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thirty seven totalCollapse )

- Resources & Affiliates have been updated extensively, so make sure to check it out.
- I'm in somewhat of icon rut. So if you would like to request an icon, just leave a comment with a link to a somewhat decent cap. A list of my fandoms can either be found here or here.

credit madeitsimple
NO direct linking
NO altering textless icons
comments are greatly appreciated
enjoy :)
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I love how bright your icons are! I'm seriously thinking of buying some Arrested Development DVDs, 'cause I've seen half of about three episodes, and it looks really funny. Plus... gah, I NEED TO SEE SEASON TWO OF VERONICA MARS LIKE SOOOOO BADLY!

I'm taking the Logan icon to drool over for the time being. Lovely work as usual!
thanks! you should join us all in our arrested development-like cult because it is funny. it just has some of the most different humor i've ever seen in a show, so if you get the chance to see more, you should. vmars season two? good lord, i am SO there, if only for the finale alone.


11 years ago

Hey I took the 'There are so many poorly chosen words in that sentense' icon. These are awesome!! Thanks. Will credit.
thank you so much :)
These are awesome, taking both the AD quotes.
thanks so much!
thanks, enjoy!
took #8
will credit
thanks so much!
Going to take #9, that is just a great phrase in or out of AD world. Will credit you of course! :)
hehe, thanks! enjoy :)
took the last two.
thanks so much, enjoy :)
heehee, i'm taking #24, thanksss will credit :)
hey, just noticed that your icons are .png
so i've got a question: how do you resize them to get them under 40kb??

i'm going nuts, cuz i can't get my .png icons smaller than 80kb, even under the smallest resolution :(


11 years ago


11 years ago

Snagged a few - thanks!!

Deleted comment

thanks, i'm glad you like them!
I love 36! It's sooo cute! (and how fangirly do I sound?!)
I saved #3 and 31, and I'll credit you when I use them. Thank you! :^)
I love the quotes especially 24-27 and 31. Awesomeness
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